WL 8.5 does not remember 2-monitor setup

Unlike 8.0 the 8.5(.10) version does not remember my 2-monitor setup (left = Audio window, right = Control Window). Every time I start the program both are shown on my primary monitor only -> I recall my 2-monitor workspace, everything is fine, close/reopen the program = both on primary monitor again.

Did you save the current layout as default? Under Workspace > Layout and/ or Global > General window layout. Works fine here, with WL 64 bit.

I did - doesn’t not make any difference (both 32 & 64 bit).
And in WL 8 it is not needed to “save as default” in order to make WL start the way it was closed - there whatever workspace I choose appears on restart of the program.
So there must be definitely something wrong in WL 8.5 (I imported all the settings from WL 8, and then even saved a new workspace for 8.5)


I can’t reproduce the problem. This being said, 2 months ago I had once a similar issue, but then I could not reproduce it. AFAIR, I had to resize the windows before quitting, or something like this.
BTW, is your main monitor the “left” one?

Apparently the problem is with Control Window’s “Full screen view” - if disabled and maximized, Control Room does stay on secondary monitor after restarting WL, if “Full screen view” is enabled, it is always moved to my primary (left) monitor after restart of WL.

PG, can you reproduce with Control Window in full screen view? Apart from that I have no other clues.