WL 8.5 Hyper Mouse Click OSX

This is a smaller issue I just got used to dealing with but would be nice to resolve.

Many times, when I open Wavelab and try to open a montage from the recent list in the tool window, I get some very fast clicking which automatically opens a random recent montage from the list.

It’s like there are additional clicks stored in the cache that just go crazy. It happens about 70% of the time that I open Wavelab but usually settles down after that initial one at startup. I notice it most the first time I open a montage after launching Wavelab.

I know early on in 8.5 there were some false mouse click issues that would cause things to get clicked just by hovering the cursor over it and not actually clicking, and I remember some zooming problems too. Maybe it’s still related.

Anyway, it would be great to get this solved. I made some videos of various scenarios:


Note that I am only clicking the mouse one time to open the dropdown menu of recents, Wavelab decides to be hyper and randomly open a montage too. It happens so fast there is no way I could physically do it.

There are still a few other times when working in Wavelab that I hover the mouse around and it clicks on something without a physical click but not nearly as often as the initial 8.5 release.

I’m using a bluetooth Apple Magic Mouse, and the problem existed in Mavericks and now Yosemite and it has existing in the last few versions of 8.5 including the most recent.