wl 8.5 loosing settings

Wavelab 8.5 is totally driving me nuts when it comes to remembering/saving settings, and yes, I know exactly how and where things are stored.
Some examples: I have a steinberg cmc AI controller which looses it’s connection with wavelab in about 50% of the cases. So I start wavelab and the AI is gone and I have to select it again for it to work.
Meters on seconds screen: in about 30% of the cases when I shut down WL and restart it, it looses the settings/screenplacement of the floating meters on my seconds screen and I have to reopen the default settings again for the meters to re-open at the correct position. And even then sometimes it doesn’t open them in the right place.
Meter settings in the record dialog ar still not saved, it always revers to default ettings no matter how I save it. Meter settings in the regular VU meter are saved, it’s just the record dialog metering. This is something i have already reported before but the issue is still there, not a big issue but annoying.

These things are totally driving me nuts lately… :frowning:

Sorry for this. I will keep an eye on this, but I have no clue right now.