WL 8.5 Master Section Channels

I have created a wrong type of audio montage by mistake.
Now my master section shows 8 channels instead of the 2 stereo channels I used to have.

I work with WaveLab form version 2 but only in stereo configuration.

Where can I set my master section back to 2 faders for stereo?


You just need to play a stereo montage to get the Master Section back to 2 channels.

Or you can create a new montage, make sure it says Stereo in the bottom right (or change it to Stereo CD compatible if it says Multichannel), add and play a stereo soundfile, and the master section will go back to 2 channels.

The number of channels showing in the Master Section is dependent on whether the currently playing montage is stereo or multichannel mode.