WL 8.5 Montage clip selection problem (mac)

In 8.5.1 (the maintenance update) on a few occasions WL won’t let me select individual clips. Whatever is selected stays selected. The only way to clear the selection is to quit the app. Clicking/double clicking clips has no effect, nor does dragging seem to affect things (even though the cursor changes to the “I” insert bar). It’s not consistent, or easily repeatable, so I have no recipe to help make it happen. It may be related to plugs I’m using (Ozone 5) I suppose. But what is consistent is that when selections are “stuck”, closing/reopening Montages has no effect (selection stays stuck), and when you restart, the problem’s gone and WL behaves as normal.

There are some other minor, similar issues in 8.5 that keep me using 8.0.4 instead. The inconsistency is more concerning than the issue itself (mostly a nuisance).