WL 8.5 renders with dropouts and cuts

Hi Im using WL 8.5.20 on Windows 8.1 For Mastering And im having trouble with The renders because the rendered file appears with a 5 to 6 ms cut at the top. This only happens with The External Gear plugin inserted and having the signal flowing through analog machines.
The other bug is when we want to render in place a selection Of the file. The resulting file adds a cut at the boundary.
I’d like Some help with this.


this is a problem indeed and only way to solve it is to put silence plugin if first slot of master bus.

I asked PG to add option where we could set it by default and not to fill the mastering slot with silence plugin.

But I bet this will never happen?:slight_smile:


These kind of things are happening since version 7, check this topic for example or do a search: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16662

I have a workaround for it, first of all I never ever use render with an analog loop inserted but use record what is played back instead. More solid and at least you can hear (a must!!) what you are actually rendering without the use of any patching/rerouting etc.
Concerning the cut/dropout at the start (also happens at the end), I made a shortcut that adds silence at cursor-position which if the cursor is at the start of the file it adds silence at the start. I usually add 1 second of silence, it need at least 500ms to avoid dropouts in my case. I have a steinberg AI controller and the silence shortcut is at a button on the controller. So I simply press the button, press enter and silence is added.

It’s effective though not at all the way it should be… I know… :unamused: