WL 8.5 watch folder question

I’m ripping very much CDs as .WAV and sorting out the best masters into my collection folder which has the following structure:



As DJ I want to convert a part of the collection to MP3 or AAC later - but keep the same directory structure on the destination (root) folder (e.g. my laptop or USB stick because I don’t need my external harddisc and there is only 1 TB on the laptop which is too small for all required .WAV’s).

The part of the collection are changed files since a specific timestamp and have a special marker in the GROUPING ID3 tag that I need this track for DJING. However, there is no problem for me to create a list with the absolute path + file names which I want to convert by using Tag & Rename.

But I don’t want to move the .WAV file away from the collection to a watch folder and then manually move all back and sort-in again.

Is there something supported in WL 8.5 with the new function?

Maybe it is possible to run the converter as a command line tool and give a parameter (.xml ?) with the information about source and destination path + file?

I know there might be other tools around - but the tool have to copy the ID3 tag information from the WAV to the converted MP3/AAC file - and I only know WL8 which is supporting this.

added 2014-03-17 13:40 MEZ:

Like a SYNC to backup a hard disc. Sync source folder with destination folder including sub folders which means copy new + update modified files and delete not existing from destination - with the difference that WAV’s will be convert to MP3’s/AAC (or whatever).

Thanks a lot!

I think in this case Wavelab’s Batch Processor suits your needs much better. It is very powerful in its own right.

But I can only choose ONE destination folder and not a specific destination folder for each track depending on the relative path of the source file.

All files, from e.g. 1971 to 2014 would be converted into the same destination folder and not into it’s specific sub folder.

When I do it one time there is no problem and I sort them in, but I keep my ID3 tags in the WAV files up-to-date (and they change frequently - also the whole file replaced by another source / better master / another CD) and want to run an update to a destination.

Like a SYNC to my backup hard disc (sync source folder with destination folder including sub folders, copy new + updates and delete not existing) - with the difference that I want to convert the WAV’s to MP3’s.

But I can only choose ONE destination folder and not a specific destination folder for each track depending on the relative path of the source file.

Did you try these options?
BTW, in WaveLab 8.5, with Watch Folders, you can drop a whole file/folder tree and have it processed/recreated at some other place.

Thanks PG … never saw this option! I will try it next time. :slight_smile:

Something like a real SYNC function would be great too: :slight_smile:

All modified WAV’s on source against on the destination (e.g. MP3’s) should be copied (new + update) and not existing files on source should be deleted on the destination (after a question/option). Requires the same modified and creation timestamp on the destination - but no problem to update this info.

In your first message, you mention xml files… Wavelab 8.5 batch processor (and watch folders) accept xml files as input, and each xml file can specify the input and output audio files. The xml files can also specify metadata.