WL 8.5 watched folders

Just saw the announcement of 8.5 with the watched folders functionality.
Sounds very interesting.
There’s one question on my mind:
If I render a file from Nuendo to a watched folder, how does WL know when the bounce is complete?


Wavelab monitor file size and time stamp. And there is a custom latency before wavelab processing starts. This is why this should work with aby daw.

Nice option.

Will it be possible to filter by filename?
(e.g. automatically render a r128 version of all files including “main_mix” in the filename, but exclude all “music_only” files)


This does sound like a very neat time-saver and workflow enhancer. I do have one (erm, two actually) question(s): How resource intensive is the “background watching”? And, how easy is it to turn it on and off? Via a system tray button would be ideal, having to start WL not so much :slight_smile:


No. But why writing a file to a watch folder if you dont want it to be processed?

The background task priority is customizable. And there is a tray icon with menu. The background wavelab instance can auto start with the computer.

After ten hours of work, accidents happen :slight_smile: Well, I just like to have control over my system. However,


Thanks, looking forward to this,

Note that the source files are preserved and moved to a sub folder (they could also be erased, optionally)

Because Nuendo can render multiple stems at the same time, but it can’t distribute them to multiple directories.
r128 only makes sense on the main mix.