WL 8 "louder" than WL 7

I finally upgraded to WL 8(.03, 64 Bit) and I’m getting peaks in the master section.

Although there’s a limiter with -0,10 db as the last plugin in the effect-chain, the master level shows e.g. +0,15.

In WL 7 the same track using the same mastering-chain shows a peak-level with the correct (?) -0,1. (Please take a look at the attached picture, where you can see the master section of both WL 7 and WL 8).
This happens with every Limiter and with the WL-Peak-Master plugin.

What’s wrong? Do I have to worry?


The reason: in WaveLab 8, the Master Section displays True Peaks, unlike in WaveLab 7.
You can toggle this if you like (button on the Master Section)

Thanks, PG.