WL 9.5 & 11 - Installed new version of WL but still get error messages re playback of 5.1 audio

Here’s the chain of events. I open a 5.1 WAV file using these settings: Multichannel (DVD-Audio Compatible) mode; 6 channels; 96000 Hz. The six tracks are then shown. I attempt to initiate play, but I get an error message. Here is the screenshot:

I’ve never worked with 5.1 multichannel files in WL before, and I don’t understand why I’m getting this error. In the event that this info is helpful, I’ll mention that the same 5.1 file will open and play correctly in Audacity.

Any help would be appreciated.

You need WaveLab 11 to open surround audio files.
In WaveLab 9.5, you can assemble a montage that is 5.1, by creating the tracks individually.

Thank you, but I have two questions about that:

  1. Why would WaveLab 9.5 show all six tracks in the montage window if it cannot play them?
  2. Is it not strange that WaveLab 9.5 cannot play this 5.1 file but Audacity, a free app, can play it?

In any event, it looks like I’ll be buying WaveLab 11.

Thanks again.

This is possible if you set the audio connections properly.
What you can’t do, is to open a 5.1 wav audio file.

OK, thanks, but it seems like a basic shortcoming of the product that WL 9.5 cannot open a 5.1 WAV file that Audacity, a free app, can open.

Thanks again for your assistance.

I’ve now installed WaveLab 11, yet I’m still running into a problem where playback of my 5.1 file will not work. I began by creating a new Montage, with the following settings:

Channel Configuration: Surround
Layout: 5.1 (L R C LFE Ls Rs)
Sample Rate: 96000 Hz

I then inserted the original downloaded audio file, which was in the FLAC format. All six tracks were shown in the project window. I then attempted to play this file, and received the following error message:

The Channel Configuration in Audio Connections is the same as that shown above: Channel Configuration: Surround
Layout: 5.1 (L R C LFE Ls Rs)

I’d appreciate some assistance with this problem.

If you get this message, this means your audio connection settings are not correctly set.
That is, the 6 channels are not properly assigned to 6 different hardware output.
Investigate the audio connection settings of WaveLab.

I’ve changed all of the settings that I could think to change, and it made no difference — same error message.

I understand that WaveLAb is a very complex application, but I must again point out that when I simply drop this 5.1 file into an open Audacity window, a free app, it works, immediately. No fussing with settings, no dialog boxes, it just works! Why can’t WaveLab 11, a program that I just paid $500 for, do that?

This is very frustrating.

Please show a screen shot of your audio connection settings.

Thank you for taking a look at this and any advice that you may have.

There are only two outputs in your settings. You must complement as on this picture:

Thank you, that took care of the problem. I’d been wondering about those four empty device ports, but because I don’t yet have the four additional surround speakers connected to my system, and because Audacity played the 5.1 files without my having to configure any additional audio devices, I didn’t think to actually do what you suggested.

Thanks very much for your assistance.

then playback by using the stereo option in this picture above
choose the last one “Mix to stereo”

regards S-EH

Mix to Stereo definitely works as I auditioned a 9.1 ADM file the other day.

Thanks, I’ll try that later and see what happens, but the solution mentioned above by PG1 actually works fine even without the additional surround speakers hooked up.

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