WL 9.5.2 crashes everytime i Quit the app [SOLVED]


WL 9.5.2 crashes everytime i quit the app. I’m on macOS 10.12.6

WL 9.5.15 was flawless.

I trashed the .plist and restarted. No difference.

What else to do?



with plugins?
how do you quit WL ?

I’m sure PG like to see the crash log

regards S-EH

Yes the Crash Log.
I was not able to set that up yet. I tried but it seems i failed. If a log is produced, where would i find it ?

1 plugin only, MBit dither.


Do you see any files with WaveLab in the name in this path?


Even without setting up more sophisticated crash reports, you may see a basic crash report in this path that might be helpful to PG.

Thanks Justin.
Nothing in there…

When there is a crash on the Mac, there is a OSX message that proposes you to see the details. What happens when you click on it?

the report is to large for a private message.
How can i send it to you?



Maybe an idea (?). If you don’t use WaveLab Exchange with Cubase/Nuendo, try this:
Locate the following file:

/Users/YourName/Library/Preferences/WaveLab Pro 9.5/Startup.ini

Then open it and add the entry:


Will try.
I disabled a lot of plugins, had some old demos and such and i could quit normally after that.
I disabled all at once, so i cannot say which one was the culpable.
I switched the DMGs to VST3, which resulted in a immediate Crash when i loaded Essence into the Master Section and hit play.
DMG VST2 work.

I switched the DMGs to VST3

It seems the VST3 version of DMG has a problem with 64 bit processing. The DMG company has been told about it.

Thank you, PG!

Do you know more about the nature of this crash? I’m using DMG Limitess every day in WaveLab and no crashes. I don’t use it in the global master section though, only the montage output section.

Just to let you know:
problem was solved by getting rid of old plug in demos.
No more crashes ever since.