WL 9.5.20 + FabFilter (all plug-ins) = crash [SOLVED]

All FabFiltes plugins (latest release) crash in WaveLab Pro 9.5.20.
Rescan on startup and the modify in startup.ini (adding command Check64bit_Vst3=0) we suggested here does not fix the issue.
Shift plug-in processing from 64 to 32bit : no results.
I tried reinstalling without result.

Win 8.1
WL Pro 9.5.20 (@64bit)
FabFilter total bundle (latest).

No problem here with FabFilter Pro Q, VST-3. Render works fine.
But I am using window 10, not Windows 8.1

What do you do to produce a crash?

Loading anyone FabFilter in Master section slot effect and press play produce a crash.

Today is a good day. Not only can I see my FabFilter plugins… they are not behaving in the manner you describe.

Are you using VST2 versions? I remember VST2 versions crashing WaveLab because of side chain support reasons. VST3 versions were OK.

Maybe they still haven’t fixed the VST2 crash.

Indeed, you must use the VST-3 version of FabFilter plugins.

fwiw, As I recall the VST2’s didn’t crash in the Master Section, only the montage.

I don’t remember this for sure. I use Pro-Q 2 VST-3 in WaveLab often, and in the past have used Pro-L very often too inside the montage without crash. VST-3 of course.

I never use the global master section so I can’t speak about crashes specific to the global master section.

Yes the VST3’s were fine anywhere. But as I recall, the VST2 sidechain repeatable crash only happened in the montage, not in the Master Section.

Just did a project yesterday with no problems. I used three FAB filter plugins and WL 9.5.20 ran just fine.

Hope you find the problem. Sounds like it might be a VST 2 problem from what others have said.

You do appear to be correct about the VST2 Justin, that probably is the cause here for dxmat. Using your suggestion to try the VST3 instead of the VST2 solved the problem for a user on the German forum:


I’m not sure this is the same problem as the sidechain VST2 problem from before, because that didn’t happen in the Master Section and it was only with the two VST2 sidechain capable plugins FabFilter had at the time. EQ and multiband I believe.

But I think you probably nailed it. Don’t know why it would change between Wavelab 9.5.15 and 9.5.20, but apparently it did for the other user (and possibly dxmat?)

Interesting. I have no idea either but it certainly sounded like the FabFilter VST2 issue. I actually hid all my VST2 FabFilter plugins awhile back so I can’t easily test this. Since I have all my VST3 FabFilter plugins properly appearing in WaveLab I’m afraid to change anything. I’ve had a few installs over years where WaveLab would only see the VST2 versions of FabFilter so I’m inclined to not alter my settings at this time to test something.

FabFiter VST2 and WaveLab just seem to not get along for whatever reason and should be avoided IMO.

I only have the Pro L2. It happens I just used it on a session last night. I only have the VST 3 version installed. It ran fine … completely uneventful.

Ok solved.
Now with VST3 all FabFilter run fine.
Fixed re-scanning vst at startup FabFilter folder with VST3 version.

thank you all

FabFilter is known to be pretty responsive to user reported issues, you may want to make them aware of your findings on their forum: