WL 9.5 Batch Conversion & cache question

Yesterday I did a lot of converting .wav to MP3’s. Several hundred files.

Today when turning on my Windows 7 PC I noticed a lot of C drive used up. Using TreeSize, I discovered the problem is here:
C>users>greg>appdata>local>steinberg>wavelab pro 9.5>cache

23.3GB of data created.

Is that normal? It’s just cache, but still I thought that is very strange.

When reading an encoded file, WaveLab first decode it. This is the reason of what you see.
But if that is a problem for you, see these options:

Thanks! You thought of everything!

The Wavelab cache folder was eating up my HDD too!

11.4 gigs and counting.

So glad this forum exists!!

Thanks guys!

Hello PG,

What are the comsequences of deleting this cache?

Will my projects and montages be fine if I just go in that folder and delete everything?

No problem. The cache will be rebuilt automatically, if necessary, and step by step.