WL 9.5 DDP Player Question


for those who already did the upgrade:

will the new DDP Player allow clients to burn a CD?
will the new DDP Player allow clients to export single tracks?


Doesn’t look like it. Can’t print out track sheets either. For those already working with HOFA DDP Player Maker then it doesn’t really offer an alternative.

That was my observation too. HOFA DDP Player/Maker is so affordable and perfect, I don’t see the Steinberg DDP Player getting much use unless it evolves more.

I guess it’s a start but I think most people that seriously need a solution are already using HOFA or Sonoris OEM.

It was my hope it makes the HOFA DDP Player Maker superfluous.

Some people like to compare the master to their mixes in their DAW.

Does it need to be installed or does it just run ?

Can the player be made specific to a particular DDP, only playing that DDP ?

Maybe it’s intended, but it doesn’t seem to load DDP that don’t conform to the Wavelab file naming conventions.