WL 9.5 Metering is not in sync with sound

This problem was still in 9.x.

In 9.5 the metering displays (peak,loudness, spectrum,etc.) are all not synchronized with the sound.
In 9.0 you could minimize this problem with a small buffer size of the CoreAudio buffer.
But in 9.5 even with a buffer size of 32 samples the problem stays visible…:frowning:

(Running OSX10.10 on iMac5K)

Seems the 5K display is heavy on WaveLab.

Yes, I read the posts too…
But I guess iMac5k is a bread and butter machine…:wink:

9.1 was very satisfying:

  1. Metering and sound were lastly nearly in sync
  2. position locator(cursor) was moving smoothly for the eye…

Hoping for 9.5.x …on the iMac5k…:wink:
Finally HDPI :smiley: