WL 9.5 Touch Bar, Catalina

Hi All,

just picked up a 16" i9 MacBook Pro, which WL 9 & 9.5 pro seem to work flawlessly on it (after a couple of days power use, WL 9 a bit low resolution compared to 9.5 as expected)

I see there is (or was) a Touch Bar customising option, but it doesn’t appear under the 9.5 pro dropdown,
is there another way to go in and find that customise window in 9.5? if not is it fixed in WL 10 pro?..or am I better off using Better Touch Tool?

all I’m really after is swapping the generic marker on the Touch Bar to the cd splice one, and adding the CD start and end ones as that’ll speed my workflow up slightly, but if anyone has any tips to make the Touch Bar really useful I’d like to hear :slight_smile:



thanks PG is that confirmed working on WL10 with Catalina? that was also the instruction in the manual for 9.5 but the option doesn’t show up
which I presume is because its a Catalina issue
I see this https://www.dropbox.com/s/ng4rx8qmn24xfp8/Screenshot%202020-09-10%20at%2014.42.22.png?dl=0

thanks PG is that confirmed working on WL10 with Catalina?

Yes if Apple has not changed his system. I can’t confirm this.