WL 9 freezes when Play with Ozone 6


I am just trying out the new WL9 and have a problem.

I have a File Group with several audio files (Wave 32 bit 48 kHz) that has worked in previous versions.
But as soon as I hit the Play button WL 9 freezes and I have to restart it.

The thing is that I have Ozone 6 inserted in the first Effect rack and if I remove that, or even play using previous Ozone version 5 it works. But as soon as I return to Ozone 6 it freezes again.
It works OK with Ozone 6 in WL 8.5!

Running Windows 10 64 bit.

Any clues?
Anyone with same problem or have Ozone 6 to see if it is possible to recreate the problem?

I will contact Ozone support as well to see if they have any ideas.



Quick update.

It seems to me that it is the VST3-version of Ozone 6 that is not working okey.
VST2 version sems to work OK so far.


This seems to fall into the category of plugins that work OK in Cubase but not so well with WaveLab because most developers only test VST in Cubase and assume if Cubase is OK, WaveLab will be OK which we know is not the case.

There is a thread (which should probably be pinned to the top of the forum) that lists known 3rd party plugin issues reported by other WaveLab users:


Maybe you can post your findings in there incase there is ever a serious effort by Steinberg to try and solve this longstanding issue of 3rd party plugin problems in WaveLab when they seem to work fine in Cubase. This way all the info is in one place.

Also, with regards to WaveLab, when there is a plugin problem it’s usually the VST3 version that has a problem and the VST2 version is OK.

I use some Ozone 7 Advanced modules (not the full plugin) in WaveLab 9 on OS X and the VST3 version is OK for me but I don’t ever use it in the global master section, I only use for clip effects and montage output effects so maybe that is the difference.