WL 9 Oddity (9.5.35, Win10 current)

I’m doing a quick job for a friend who wanted some adjustments to a recorded DJ set. I ran into something weird. It may not actually be weird, just a mistake, but how it happened confused me.

I was importing a wav/cue set into a file group as a montage and forgot to edit the cue file to take out the pre-gap. I don’t know why, but it bugs me for it to be there when it’s not necessary.

Somehow, in dragging the first clip to 0, then realizing a mistake, turning on ripple edit, and dragging the second clip to butt up against it, I wound up with about 280ms of doubled-audio right at the transition. I didn’t catch it at first because there’s no beat at that point and everything is already intentionally glitchy…basically the “singer” says a word about 3 times instead of twice quickly. The markers match the cue file (minus the gap). And I didn’t knowingly do anything to the clip edges/boundaries.

It was SRC’d to 96k (in RX6, from 44.1), but the flaw is not there playing the post-SRC file.

If I’d screwed up and dragged past the snap and created a crossfade, that would have made sense. But it was the exact opposite of that, and no silence. If 2 seconds were doubled, I’d assume I grabbed the 2nd clip edge instead of the body of it, but it wasn’t nearly that much.

I re-created the session and it didn’t happen again. So, no worries on the actual job. But, do you have any idea what I did wrong?