WL 9 or 10 Audio Playback Dropouts and stutter

Hi All,

I just switched to a new PC with a brand new 4800u processor, 32 gigs of RAM, and an NVME SSD. It renders flawlessly. But when I master a track, with say, a dozen plugs on the Master buss, Im getting audio dropping out and stuttering on playback. This seems to be better as I set every plugin to no oversampling or “eco” modes, and it also is much better at files with lower sample rates, like a 44.1 compared to a 48 or 96k file, which will have no audio playback at all. It will all render fine though. My old machine, with a 9900k processor had this issue too, but not so pronouced.
Any ideas from the community here?
Thanks - Glenn


Check Buffert Settings in the Audio Connection Tab

regards S-EH

Dear S-EH,
Thank you for the suggestion.
Of course if I make a large buffer, I can get a few seconds of playback before the audio cuts out, but this does not fix my issue with playback cutting out

I guess one of your plugins is too CPU hungry. Test them one by one.