WL 9 seems to be ultra stable

I want to knock on wood before I say the following.

We have just come off a period of 21 days of heavy use of WL 9.0.25 (9 to 5 - 7 days a week) . It has been a joy to work with. The only problem with it during the 21 days was when we installed the latest update WL erased all our preferences but they were easy to put back. I love the new “black” UI and so do our clients. I could not be happier… now if it just keeps working as well as it has it will be the best Wavelab ever, IMHO. :smiley:

Thanks for your report. Always pleasant to hear in that direction :smiley:
Much work was done on the 1st semester to fine tune this 9 version.
We should even have a 9.0.30 for early autumn.

For me it’s the most stable version so far…
Thanks PG

I’ve always had pretty good luck with Wavelab stability, but Wavelab 9 has really been awesome in so many ways. Agreed - many thanks PG!


Similarly, I have been lucky enough in my room to have had reliability over past editions, but this current version of WL 9 is super stable on Windoze 7 Professional 32 bit. Kudos PG.

+1 on general stability here on OSX 10.11

The only crashes I get seem to come from having FabFilter plugins inserted on clips, followed by some other plugins on the montage output effects. When that is the case, I get some serious crashes while rendering which can be a big time waster.

If I have FabFilter only on the montage output effects, no crash. It’s a weird one and hard to troubleshoot.

Also, NUGEN plugins can crash WaveLab easily and have other issues too. NUGEN just released a maintenance update to ISL2 and while it doesn’t crash WaveLab, it has recall problems. With all the info I have provided to NUGEN over the last year, it’s clear to me that they are not serious about supporting WaveLab so I will have to stop using NUGEN for now.