WL 9 Shortcuts not working

HI, I have upgraded from WL 8.5 to WL 9 and none of my shortcuts work. Even if I assign the shortcuts again, they don’t work. They show up in the Shortcuts menu, but none of my custom ones work.

Any suggestions?


No known problem here.
Using version 9.0.35?
Try from scratch, without reusing your old shortcut file.


yes, might wipe my old shortcut file and start a completely fresh one


I wiped all preferences for WL 9 and still shortcuts don’t work.

Anyone got any suggestions?


What shortcut, for example?

… I totally deleted all my preferences again and this time it sees to have worked. Thanks for your help. I also still can’t find a command that is similar to ‘Easy Fade’. That was very handy because if you have selected the start or the end of an Audio file it will do a fade in or fade out automatically.

Any suggestions for that?

Thanks for your help

For the fade, the only solution now is to use a shortcut for fade in, and another for fade out.

… yes, I’ll set up shortcuts to do it that way.

Thanks so much for your help, have a great Christmas and New Years!