WL changes the sample rate of my Interface

I have a strange issue here which occurs from time to time. When I start a new project and load a file (@96kHz) into a session and press play, WL changes the sample rate of my sound card to 44.1kHz.
When i switch it back to 96k in my sound cards Control-Panel or in the macOS Audio/MIDI-Setup all is ok until I press play in WL. Then it will change it again and will run the File at 44.1kHz. The Settings in WL are also set to 96k. Soundcard is a SSL MadiXtreme 64 PCIe.
Appreciate any help :slight_smile:

Probably you have activated the resampler in the Master Section to 44.1.

or digital clocking from outside or set in control panel for audio device !?

regards S-EH