WL crash when rendering

I’ve had 2 consistent crashes when I render a wav. I do have the Izotope Ozone plugin in the master section but it is not enabled.
I searched for the crash file after enabling it in the Diagnostic tab of Preferences - but could not find it.
WL10 crash.txt.zip (27.4 KB)

The crash log shows a crash inside the Ozone plugin. You are using version 8, and this problem is apparently solved in Ozone 9. See https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=297&t=174702

PG I just upgraded to Izotope Ozone 9 advanced… same problem! $230 to upgrade!
Also sent a copy of the crash to Izotope.
WL 10.0.10 with Izotope 9 advanced plugin.zip (30.9 KB)

This time this crash happened inside WaveLab, you should not have sent the log to Izotope :wink:
The problem happens inside the Encoder Checker plugin. Please try again, without this plugin.

This being said, at what time did this crash happened? What did you do exactly? (this plugin is excluded from rendering).

I I just tried it and it worked this time with the encoder checker removed. I thought this was one of the rendering crashes (I had several yesterday - before and after upgrading to Ozone 9). I believe it was when I was having trouble getting WL to play a 96kHz file at 48kHz using the Resampling plugin.

I will send the crash as soon as it happens when/if it occurs without the encoder checker while rendering.

By the time enjoy Ozone 9, it’s a good upgrade :slight_smile: