WL crashes on playback occasionally and recording often

I’ve been having a problem with wavelab completely crashing when I begin playback. And it’s even more frequent when recording to a new track via external fx send. Though yesterday it was also happening with just basic playback without external fx enabled at all.

I’m using WL pro 11.1

The times it doesn’t crash the playback starts a little glitchy or jumpy. And I can tell WL is struggling but gets through it, and maybe that’s also what’s happening before a crash.

Extra annoying is that today all of the meters and windows get sent back to WLs initial state and I have to reorganize everything, each time it crashes. Yesterday and previously it crashed a few times but this wasn’t happening.

Also unsure if it’s related but I’ve tried setting all the windows to very minimally taxing gpu items (notes, file browser, basically not showing any metering during recording) to see if that helps at all. It may but I haven’t really tested enough to know and it just now crashed without complex graphics so maybe not actually.

I should also say I’m running osx 12.4 Monterey and WL’s CPU usage meter stays below 50% nearly all the time, including crashes.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or have any ideas how to avoid?

Why not WaveLab 11.2?

Honestly I didn’t know it existed, ive been very busy lately.
Thanks PG I’ll install it tomorrow and see if that fixes the issue.