WL crashes with one specific plugin


I’m running WL10 under OSX Mojave. It works fine but it crashes instantly when I try to call the UBK-1 plugin by Kush Audio.
Strange, since other plugins by the same brand work just fine.

I contacted Kush about this but as it’s not a widespread problem (UBK-1 is not much used in conjunction with WaveLab) it’s not on their high priority list.
I already tried different legacy installs of the plugin but it keeps crashing WL10. I also use WL 9, it works fine there.

I attached the crash report.
WaveLab Pro 10.0_2019-11-07-132624_Renzos-iMac.crash (85.2 KB)

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Well, we’ll see what happens. It’s reported at the Kush development department, but it might take a while.
I’ll have to stick to WL9 until it’s solved.

After looking in the crash log: the crash happens in some graphic operation issued by the plugin.

Thanks Philippe, I’ve sent Kush your reply. Hopefully it can be of use for a solution to this…