WL Crashes

Hey PG,

yesterday I worked with WL7 until 3AM with no problems.
Today I try start WL and as soon as I open a file it immediately crashes - every time.

The Windows crash report always displays this.

AppName: wavelab7.exe AppVer: ModName: mtxogl.dll
ModVer: Offset: 00400db3

I activated the Crashlog but I don`t know where to find the Logfile.
Please help !!


Mtxogl.dll is a matrox driver, i think. This is not a wavelab file.
Does that speak to you?

Yes it was the Matrox driver.
Quick fix: set it to 16Bit.
Awful but works.

Running Wavelab on my Intel Mac, OS 10.6.8

I’ve just downloaded and installed 7.2.1 And it’s proving to be virtually unusable as it’s crashing on nearly every task. From opening files, opening audio settings or rendering files. Is this version incompatible with my OS?? Any help is appreciated, otherwise I’ll have to revery back to 7 which wont render files correctly… Or find A DAW that works.