WL Elements 7 Sonnox declicker not working

Using WL elements 7 latest version with Win 7 - to restore an old tape recording.Plenty of clicks and crackle noises.
I cant get the Sonnox declicker to function - the other deNoiser and deBuzz plug ins are fine. There is no signal going in to the plug in even with trim set as high as possible.So there is no signal to the input or anything at the output.With the DePop DeClick and DeCrackle settings at max and set to ‘IN’ green lights there is no audible function.Have checked the plug in is turned on and the master section not bypassed.It just is not working.Anyone any ideas?

Hello, here De-Clicker works fine on 32 and 64 bits, Elements, Win8 x64.You could try repair or reinstall.
You could also try the Legacy (Steinberg) DeClicker, works fine, if you are on 32 bits.

I have reinstalled with latest version of WL elements 7 and same issue…on start up the program holds for a few seconds and a box comes up showing DeCliker plug in which looks like it is being installed then the main program window opens.Now also noticed the program crashes when opening up the DeClicker to full size if it appears as a bar from the plug in insert slot.I’m using this as 64 bit.is there anything I can try?

Issue resolved When I did a manual search for Sonnox I found multiple instances of the plug in - I guess these had came from a previous install of a WL7 trial (which didn’t show up as a programme that I could uninstall) so I deleted the folder they were in and did a fresh install of elements so the plug in now works fine - maybe elements was finding the old version of the plug in which was causing a conflict. I have noticed other users who have said the DeClicker didn’t seem to work or had any audible effect so I reason that if you have an issue with DeClicker then first of all check there is an input signal -if there isn’t then try and look for multiple versions of Sonnox that have been dormant from a trial version that could be the problem.