WL Elements 9 says not registered on this computer after a year of use

After having my software operational for a year now on my one year old Computer when I launch Wavelab Elements 9 I get this message that says, "This software is not Registered On This Computer. " I decided to reboot my machine. I become aware that there is a Windows 10 Update that needs to install. I let it during the restart. I am then able to launch Wavelab Elements 9 unimpeded. I load some files and a plug-in and try to render and save my work and the program disappears. Crashes. I am able to immediately relaunch the program none of my configuration is there. I reload the plug in and my track. I try to render and it Crashes again in the same manner. I then tried reinstalling from the disc and it did not help. How do I make my wonderful mastering software work again? Anyone? I need suggestions.

  • Clifton Duncan