WL Elements Capability Questions...

We are deciding whether to invest in WL Elements in our labs at the school I teach at. I purchased WL Elements 8 to try it out, since I’ve only ever used the full version. There are a few things that seem a little odd to me, so I’d just like to confirm that I’m not missing something:

  1. CD Burning is ONLY available in the Montage workspace? So a simple CD burn from the Audio File workspace is not possible?

  2. Scrubbing is not available in the Montage? And, from what I can tell, “scrubbing” in WL Elements is really just a slightly different “play from cursor.” Actual scrubbing should allow variable-speed playback in either direction, similar to scrubbing in other apps and analog tape.

  3. There is no way to simply make a selection in the Montage? So, just to remove the middle of a clip, one would have to split it, check the Auto-Shift setting, and trim the ends?

Thanks for the clarifications,

True for all.
2 and 3 are only possible in WaveLab.

OK, thanks for clarifying. These are kind of disappointing, and may ell keep us from adopting. In something like Wavelab Elements, the easy things have to remain easy.

will there be an 8.0.4 Elements version, as promised? since some functions are missing from 8.0.2 for us poor users :smiley:

thanks a lot!

Yes, there will be a WaveLab Elements 8.0.4

Thanks a lot Philippe, much appreciated!
Best Regards