WL, Lynx AES16 and Glitches

I have been using WL for some 12 years and for the last three versions 5, 6 and 7 (with a Lynx AES16) have been putting up with occasional glitches that I put down to my choice of hardware or drivers. I tried two different motherboards, different CPU’s and many different graphics cards, and driver updates including Lynx driver updates.

I have just built a brand new X58 PC with an i7 and yet again another different video card I am still getting these glitches. These are occasional short stops in the audio and then starting again while in playback.

I do not get these glitches with the same hardware playing audio with Reaper or Pyramix, so I want to blame Wavelab.

PG, have you tested Wavelab with a Lynx AES 16 card by any chance. Are there any other WL users with a Lynx AES 16 card that have this problem.

I have no Lynx.
Did you try higher latency settings? This is usually the key.

Yes, I have tried the highest settings. It is not related to buffer size.

Hello David,

I have the Lynx Aurora 16 and AES16 and do not have the glitch problems that you described (see below for my system specs). I did have runtime errors on a couple of projects, but going to Windows 7 64 bit and 8G of RAM solved that problem.

These are only very occasional momentary stops in the audio, say once in 10mins.

I’ll let you know if I get any, now that I’m aware of the frequency of your glitches.