WL not finding speaker output for apple studio display

It gives me the choice to output to studio display mic #1, which of course does not work. This is happening with both WL 10 and 11 pro on a mac studio. other apps find them without problem.
any ideas?

On my PC I have to install an ASIO driver to enable an audio device. Don’t know what the story is with Macs.


Yes “speaker” is misleading but try with Built-in audio for L or R channel input
in the Mac world Core Audio is drivers and the Audio System…

regards S-EH

Hi, this is what I get from system preferences, which clearly have the Studio display speakers as a choice for audio. Unfortunately, wavelab offers this, including the Studio display microphone. selecting built in audio just gives the single speaker in the Mac studio unit, not the 6 speaker array in the Studio display.

Try this:
Under Playback > Channel configuration > Device Port
and select what you need like Surround, Ambisonics e.t.c
this Studio Mac is the latest one ?

regards S-EH

Wavelab is not seeing the path for the Studio Display speakers at all, but for some reason is seeing the Studio Display microphone as an output. other software (qlab, adobe premiere,protools) are all seeing the path correctly. This computer/display have only been out for 2 weeks, so bugs are not a big surprise, just hoping that it will be fixed.

Is there anybody out there who is using the apple studio display with wavelab and not having this problem. There was a recent firmware update for the studio display, but it did not address this problem.

Try this maybe:

This seems to work, thanks. I still hope that a future version will not require this fix.