WL PRO 10 / MACPRO 5.1 / High Sierra with Analog gears and Outboards

Hi Everyone, I’m new on this forum ( Justin Perckins say me to post here for my problems! )

I’m using Wavelab Pro 10 on a MacPro 5.1 on High Sierra since March 2020. (before on sierra and 9.5 version of WL)

I have a lot of analog gears to masterised my track!

Since Wavelab 10 when i’m bouncing a track with (For example!)a sample rate of 24B/96khz bouced to 16b/44.1Khz with master section plugins & dithering etc… i have always a problems of clocking and disynchronise artefact… playback speed changed like the target sample rates resolution .

this problems appears when i’m using an external analog gear.

If i’m staying in digital domain, don’t worry !

To fix it, i make 2 passes of bouncing:
first, bouncing in the sample rate of the converter, clock and of course source file
and second, with dither level adjustment to target sample rate!

It’s time consuming, have you got any problems like that with your workflow?

My interface is HD native PCIE Card To Avid HD I/O with Mytek 8192 in AES/EBU

Best regards

You can’t use the Resampler in the same time as an External FX.

I had a feeing he was trying to do too much at one time, but he also claimed it worked OK in 9.5.

Maybe now that you can do External FX in the montage, it doesn’t like when Resampler is used in the global master section. Either way, it sounds like it’s asking too much of WaveLab at the same time.