WL Pro 10 Not Remembering Plugin Layout on Screen

Hi PG,

Congrats on 10!

I am encountering an issue where i load my saved plugins into the master section…

I occasionally hide them and they always come back in the same positions on screen under 9.5. Now however under 10 they end up stacked on top of each other in the upper left hand corner.

Anything I can do to fix this?

Thanks so much - DL

Mac or Windows?
Do you mean you load a preset, and the position is not restored. Or simply hiding the plugin and showing it again.

Hi PG,

I’m on a Mac with the latest Mojave OS installed. I load a preset from the Master Section with specific plugins and it loads up fine initially. However when i hide and then show again, everything is jumbled into the upper left corner.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Is this something you’re seeing too? Can it be fixed?


I can’t test right now, but I have entered this case in the issue database, for later check.

Thank you PG!