WL Pro 11.2 Issues with the Audio History

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it’s been awhile (I did have some older posts as user “losan”) - I’ve been long stuck on WL 8.5 (because of OS specs), but now I’m finally running the latest WL Pro Version.
Of course I tried out all the great new additions to it since then, and I’m really enjoying WL 11.
But I came along two things, which don’t work as expected, at least for me (2nd one I’ll leave for another topic).

So it seems to me, that the Tool History Window for the Audioeditor is partly not working (anymore).
Namely - The "Replace Selected Audio with Samples from this Version.

To test this function I opened an Audiofile, made a selection, muted the selection - and then with the selection still active I performed the function in the History Tool Window “Replace selected Audio with Samples from this version” (from the initial version) - well, nothing happens in this regard.

To be sure I also deleted the whole Preference folder, and tried again - same behavior.
For comparision I also installed WL 10 Pro besides, and tried the same as described above - and here it does indeed work as expected !

Another thing I noticed - the function “Keep undone versions” is always grayed out,
so I can not activate it.
This is also in WL 10 with the language set to “German”, but does work then set to “English”.
No such luck with WL 11 - I even tried it with setting it to “French” - but it stays out grayed.

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Specs: Windows 10 Home (21H2) on an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 2,66GHz, RAM 8 GB, Soundcard RME HDSP 9632

I did some quick tests, same result here with WL Pro 11.2.0.
Additonally, when I completely revert back to the initial version and try “Replace selected Audio with Samples from this version” from any other modification in the History, the whole modified section (as indicated by the gray Edit Indicators after the modification) is replaced, regardless the lenght of a selection or wether the selection even is part of the modified section. Wavelab 10.0.70 on the other hand seems to work right.
Furthermore, in Wavelab 11.2.0 “Replace selected Audio with Samples from this version” doesn’t seem to work with modifications, that are applied to the whole file without doing a selection first. I checked this with the Gain function, Fade function and an Effect rendering - with prior “Select All” [Ctrl +A] to the modification, a replacement is possible (still, everything is replaced then), without any selection (Render set to “Whole File”) nothing is replaced and the History is unchanged.

Same here, but it is not selectable for me even in WL 10.0.70. I didn’t try to change the language, though (set to English, although I’m natively German).

OS Win 11 Pro 22H2.

I can reproduce, thanks for the report.

This I can’t reproduce, it works.

Thanks so far - PG and Laturec.

In regards to the “Keep undone versions” function - forget about switching to another language !
I was on the wrong path…

As Laturec wrote, it’s not selectable for him in WL 10 with the language allready set to English, I remembered, that I accidentally opened “Last Project” instead of an empty project (which so far I mostly do), after selecting another language and closing WL with an audio file still open in the Editor. And this seems to make a difference… (both in WL 10 and 11).

So - if I choose “Create Empty” at the Start-Up Dialog in WL11, and then open an audio file in the audio-editor, the function “Keep Undone Versions” is grayed out in the History Tool Window.

Now closing WaveLab (with the file still open) and then afterwards starting WL via the “Recently Used Files” Option in the Start-Up Window (Recent Tab) this function isn’t grayed out anymore and one can select to enable or disable it.
You can close and open WL with this function being active as long you’re not closing the audio file.

But if you close the file, then close WL, restart via “Recently Used Files” - it of course then opens an empty window, but now again the function is grayed out (same as with "Create Empty).
So currently it seems this function being available is depending how you start your session.

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Huh, that actually seems to work, in both versions! I would have never thought about that, as I have set it up so to simply open an empty project, without showing the Startup Dialog (I even had to quickly look up how to bring back this Dialog, hehe).

Yeah, me neither, if you would have not participated to this topic.
Thanks for confirming, but the question remains, if PG can reproduce it,
and if “Keep Undone Versions” shouldn’t also be available for an empty project or latest recent audio files in the startup dialog ?