WL Pro 11.2 Multichannel Audio Playback

Hello there,

first I’d like to describe what does work, issue follows below:

so far I’ve only used Mono or Stereo Audio files in WL, and with only one Main Output (Stereo) assigned to analog 1 and 2 configured in the Audio Connections Tab. So far, so good.

As my soundcard also has some digital outs I for fun added some more busses (stereo),
for example “Speaker Arrangement 2” with ADAT 1/2 assigned.
Via the Speaker Configuration Pane in the Master Section I can switch between those outputs just fine.
Then I tried the same with an 5.1 surround file - and after choosing an downmix option (“Mix to Stereo” or “Mix Convert V6”) this also works.

Now to the issue:

Now I thought: Besides the Main Output, let’s just create a surround bus configured to a 5.1 Surround Layout assigned to ADAT 1 - ADAT 6, so if I switch from the Main Output Bus (assigned to analog 1 and 2) to this 2nd Speaker Configuration I should be able to output the 5.1 audio-file via those separate outputs (ADAT 1 - ADAT6) and without the need to downmix.

To my surprise this does not work, and the Dialog “Incomplete Audio Device Connections” comes up ?

Is my thinking wrong, expecting to much ?
or if not, can someone confirm this ?

Kind regards,

Specs: Windows 10 Home (21H2) on an Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q9400 2,66GHz, RAM 8 GB, Soundcard RME HDSP 9632