WL Pro 9.5.50 crashes on start with Ozone 7 in Master Section

Hi all:

Apologies if Ozone 7 is known to be incompatible with Wavelab Pro 9.5, but I did a comprehensive search of forum topics (as well as on the wider internet) and came up empty-handed. I just updated to 9.5.50 this afternoon and discovered that Wavelab completely “poofs” to the desktop on startup if Ozone 7 occupies a slot in the Master Section. This happens reliably every time. I could only get Wavelab to behave itself by disabling the VST folder so that Ozone was removed from the slot. Other plug ins (such as FabFilter Pro-L) seem to be able to reside in the slots fine. Once Wavelab is functioning, I can add Ozone 7 to a slot again and it works as expected. However, if I leave Ozone in a slot, Wavelab will poof on start up again. Is this a case of needing to upgrade to Ozone 8, or is there something else at play here?



iZotope recently stated that they do not support WaveLab at all. I’m not sure if this dates back to Ozone 7 but it’s certainly true for Ozone 8.

That being said, I am able to use some Ozone modules in WaveLab with pretty good success.

I have Ozone Advanced so I only load certain modules, never the entire huge plugin.

Thanks for the reply Justin.

Interesting; I’ll contact iZotope directly about Wavelab. I’m not averse to upgrading if necessary, but not if they aren’t going to ensure their products work properly with a diminishing pool of audio editing software. That being said, perhaps you’re right about running the entire plug in at once. I’ll try just using the modules separately. Another option would be to use Ozone 7 in the Master Section and then remove it before closing. The only problem with that is the lack of convenience and the likelihood of forgetting!

Anyone else using Ozone in the Master Section in WL 9.5.50 without issues?



Right. This is why my workflow involves only having plugins inserted in the montage slots so everything is saved and recalled without room for human error or other corruption.

Maybe you can demo Ozone 8 to see if it works better for you.

I don’t use it every day here, but I’ve found that I can use it without crashing in most cases.

Thanks again Justin.

I took your advice and installed the Ozone 8 Advanced demo. Its components can remain in the Master Section slots on close and they cause no issues when WL is reopened. I will likely upgrade.

That being said, a decent workaround for all this is to just save the Master Section as a preset and then unload it before closing. I’m impressed at how everything can be faithfully recalled, including modifications to plug in settings that haven’t been saved individually. Coming from WL 8.5, that’s a treat!


No problem. Many users are also annoyed by this iZotope Updater app that seems to appear in the background any time you open an iZotope product or insert an iZotope plugin. It’s really annoying and I think was even causing some crashing.

If you want to remove it, here are they steps they sent me:

*The iZotope updater can be disabled by going into your Ozone 8 app or plug-in and under preferences, set check for updates to Never.

Then restart it.

If setting updates to Never doesn’t resolve the issue, you can try removing the older updated app and files altogether from your system using the steps below:

To resolve this please first close out of all applications on your computer. Then navigate to this file location via your Finder window:

Here, please move the “Updater” folder to the Trash and empty your Trash.

I searched throughout the iZotope site for confirmation about this and couldn’t find anything so I sent them a support request. I received the following reply today:

Thanks for reaching out to us! Sorry for the difficulty! At this time Ozone is not supported within Wavelab and therefore it’s [sic] functionality may be unpredictable. Because of this I’d definitely recommend download and installing the demo of Ozone 8 before purchasing.

Prudent advice but it seems bizarre to me that iZotope can’t assure us that their plug ins will work correctly in a common host like Wavelab. Is this a “political” decision because Master Rig has been added? I’m assuming that WL adheres to VST3 specifications precisely being a Steinberg product! Is iZotope just going their own way? Colour me bemused: I’ve happily used Ozone within WL for years …