WL Pro cant use Raiser?

Hello, I’m on the latest version of WL Pro, and CB 12, it seems the new plug in CB, Raiser, is not available in WL? I haven’t been able to access it in WL, is it just me or can anyone else confirm, thanks!

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I have no experience trying this as I’m not a Cubase user but my general observation has been that Cubase plugins are not available in WaveLab. They are two separate applications.

hmm, all other CB plugins(Frequency, all the compressors etc…) are available in WL, also all my 3rd party plugs, just not the ones in the new version 12.

nevermind, I think your right, those plugs come with WL.

Maybe you’ll see it for WaveLab 12…

Yeah, it seems like it could be a great tool in WL so I hope they port it over, thanks!

I’m looking for the same thing, no Raiser in WL