WL truncates rendered audio to 16 bits

Just accidentally I discovered this weird behaviour (I consider it a bug).
Open 16 bit audio file (WAV) and apply (render) any 32 bit supported plugin (like StereoExpander) => the processed audio (or selection only) should be 32 bit (or whatever the plugin outputs e.g. whatever WL shows in Bitmeter when used in realtime) however it is only 16 bit (in WL6 it is 32 bit as it should be). Happens both in 32 and 64 bit version of WL7.
The workaround I found out is to save the 16 bit audio file as 32 bit first and then apply the plugin -> only then the processed audio is 32 bit as expected.

“Create 32 bit float temporary files” is selected in Audio File editing preferences -> File.

Thanks for the report, well seen, you are right, this is a bug when using the function “render in place”. The original file bit resolution is taken into account rather than the preference. There is an easier work around that your finding: modify the bit resolution as displayed on the picture: this takes almost no time.


Yes it happens when “Process in place” is used - I forgot to mention it specifically.
And thanks for that tip - much faster indeed. (I hope you fix it soon anyway :wink:

If I well understand what is happening here, I noticed in elements the resulting bit dept is 16 bits, either with process in place or with Create named file. I’m lucky I Always apply dither to 16 bit, because this thing leaves me with an impression of “what is going on with Wavelab?” This is a very essential function.

No, with “Create Named file”, the result depends on the file format dialog. This means this is under control. There is no bug there.

Thanks PG, sorry, no desrespect meant!

I did not see any derespect :wink: