WL10 keeps trashing my RME driver

I had to go back to WL10 to learn some more about WL 10 (I am using WL 9.5.5 until the patch comes out) and so I was playing back in WL10 with my RME card and then switched to WL 9.5.5 and there was no sound from WL 9.5.5. I went back to WL10 and it too would not playback through my RME 9632 card. This is the third or forth time this has happened. This NEVER happened when I was using WL 9.5.5 I have the “release driver in background” checked on both 10 and 9.5.5. Weird to say the least. I reinstalled the RME driver and everything is back to “normal” for the time being. I checked all my drivers for Windows 10 and updated the ones that needed updating (about 5 drivers).


Although I’m not a coder, I would be very surprised if WL (or any app) could remove drivers afaik Windoze 10 requires ‘deeper’ user access (as in ‘uninstall’).

I am aware there are reports of Windoze removing drivers and apps during/following upgrade process deemed ‘at risk of incompatibility’ … and it doesn’t ask first apparently.

Well last week I did install some updates to Windows BUT the driver still functioned and finally stopped working on Sunday. When I reinstalled the RME driver it said “updating” instead of “installing”. This is the same driver I installed about a week ago. Not sure what is happening, Thanks for the reply.