WL11.1: Moving fades on siblings only works partially

strange problem here. I have a montage with a number of tracks with sibling clips on it. Now I split all tracks and drag the right-part-siblings to the left to get auto crossfades on all tracks. This works.
But when I drag the crossfade (ctrl+mouse) to the right only the crossfade of the active track can be moved freely. All the other siblings crossfades split up to fades or clip edges when moved too far to the right. Please see the animated gif below.
I couldn’t find a setting to change this behaviour. Any Ideas?


It seems to work here, with this option:

This is already activated here. Mmh…

I see. A small bug indeed.

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Please also note, that sometimes after a crossfade is teared apart, a fade is still left on one of the tracks (I did not touch this fade). This seems to be an erratic behavior, I also noticed in earlier versions (AFAIR).