WL11, anyone else bothered that the "START" button for the render command was moved?

i’m sure i’ll get used to it… but now with the START button moved to the center of the render window it is almost always covered by an open plug in window… which you have to move or close before rendering… before when the button was in the bottom right corner this was rarely the case…

one vote for moving it back!

This is actually the second vote on this.
But I recommend you to use the more direct Render ribbon, than the UI you mention.

ahh… ha… I’ve never clicked that ribbon before! in years using WL :slight_smile: interesting… i will start trying to use that.

what do the PRESETS in that ribbon control? i assume the “options” and "in place… "settings?

---- EDIT ----
well, sadly, no quicker… the plug in window covers the RENDER ribbon as well… so it’s still easier to click the far bottom right RENDER button… but either way i’m moving windows out of the way to render…

but i do like the ribbon when i don’t have plug ins open, i like not having to leave the montage window view…

Also, there is a keyboard shortcut to start rendering which I use 100% off the time even though I use the Render Ribbon Tab to call up my Render Preset and check that everything is how I want it.

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ha… just 3 minutes ago i realized there was a keyboard command and programmed a button on my Loupedeck for “start rendering”… yes, very nice!

Presets in the Render Ribbon Tab were my favorite addition to WL9 or 9.5 (whatever version it was). They can control basically everything in the Redner Ribbon Tab.

I can work about a million times faster using them. Here’s my list of Render Presets:

yeah, looks like a longer version of my presets as well. tho i don’t bother with cassette vs, vinyl differences since they are both per-side renders … but, yes, i do love the presets all over WL… amazing how they speed things up… and, not just that, give you repeatable and specific results.

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Yeah, that’s the thing with most presets for receptive tasks…not only does it save time, but then my file naming schemes are the same and I know what I’m looking at when I look at old files.

The main difference with my cassette master Render Preset is that it’s 16-bit instead of 24-bit for vinyl.

Nation Audio Company (the main and perhaps professional cassette duplication service in the US) says that any audio they get that isn’t 16-bit/44.1k will get converted to that using who knows what so I always deliver cassette maters as 16-bit/44.1k and my email template asks clients to reach out if they are using a boutique service that can make cassettes from the higher resolution files.

ah, thanks for that NAC tip! i’ve always delivered cassette masters at 24bit and never heard back from a client or anything… but, good to know…

off i go to make new presets!

Yeah. I mean, you’d think that in 2021 24-bit is fine but on this page they say they’ll convert anything that isn’t 1644 down to 1644 without warning:

i just made some 16bit presets… but then realized, if the audio files in the montage aren’t 16bit… then we need to dither first anyway… it’s too bad that the dithering setting in the master section can’t be part of these rendering presets… so you can pull down one preset and have the files dithered as they render out to 16bit.

Yeah. It’s hard to explain my workflow but I always have the correct dither plugin/setting (16-bit, 24-bit, or none) loaded last in the Montage Output section. I can’t bring myself to use the Master Section for Resampling/Dithering because these settings are not safely and automatically saved and loaded with .mon files.

ah, yes, the montage output section… i only just discovered this. does that save with the montage? (i take it they are)… i should start doing that as well, instead of always loading/unloading from the master section

Yes, Clip FX, Track FX (rarely used here), and the Montage Output section are all safely and easily stored with the montage. I tried with version 7 through whenever the Montage Output section was added to embrace the Master Section and having to manually save/load it but my brain doesn’t operate like that.