WL11 Audio Channel Processing Bug?

maybe a bug into audio channel processing of the master channel.
When I switch from a mode to another, for example from stereo to mono and after to side, the second step, mono to side, reset every time to default channel and I need to select for the second time the channel I want.
Thank you

Thanks. This will be fixed in the upcoming WaveLab 11.0.10.

I take the liberty of giving a suggestion.
When I click the channel processing icon, the windows should stay open for rapid switch of the configurations and closed on click icon.
This would improve the workflow.
Thank you.

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You mean the Audio Connection/Device tab?

regards S-EH

No, the window menu for selection as in the pictures above.
Thank you.

In y workflow I normally like to switch between listening types on the fly… this to be able to decide where to go to act to achieve the result I have in mind.

Sorry, yes nice idea :slight_smile:
regards S-EH

This will be so in WaveLab 11.0.20


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Thank you Philippe.