WL11 - Inspector layout, section button alignment

In WL11, i am missing an option to align the section buttons vertically, to the left of the plugins box, and then gain to the right - as it was in WL10.

Long plugin chains seem more space consuming in WL11 with the new layout. In particular the gain fader is overly wasting space i a wide box.

Users should have options to select from horizontal or vertical alignment according to everyone’s own liking, or better: Drag boxes, where they like them inside the inspector.

Possible already or feature request?

Images below show WL10 first, then WL11.

Screenshot 2024-05-20 at 14.04.52|607x405 - WL10

WL11 inspector below consumes more space

I think the orientation depends on the place, where the window is docked. Try to drag & drop the window and dock it either on any top or any bottom point.
This is how my interface looks (it’s WaveLab 12, but it worked the same in previous versions):

Hi @Laturec - yeah, inspector here always sits in upper left corner, so that i can have the full 2 lower thirds of the screen for audio file display.
In the upper left the old window mode isn’t showing, ever.

Something like this?

Here is how I can achieve this, starting from the default Workspace layout. A montage needs to be opened to access all Tool Windows.

  1. Grab any Tool Window (in my example I just grabbed the History tab from the upper middle pane). Dock it left to the upper left pane

    Should look like that.

  2. Grab the Inspector (should be tabbed with the Master Section) and dock it either on the top or the bottom of the newly created upper left pane.

    Almost there.

  3. Now right-mouse-click the title bar of the other Tool Window you moved first and select Hide. After that adjust the width of the Inspector as you need.

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Brutal. It does work.
But really … who would make such a simple thing so complicated?

Thank you for guiding me through this! @Laturec

(Note to the devs: Please make this intuitive :slight_smile: Thank you, too.)

Glad I could help. Don’t forget to save your new setting under Workspace → Layout → Save as …
Yes, it might be a bit complicated at first, but to be fair, WaveLab is a complex application. And with the ability to basically move everything in the UI, dock things together or make tabbed groups, you can build a layout just to your liking and your needs.