WL11 Inspector - strange window focus behaviour


Just a question regarding a strange behaviour in the Inspector I have noticed recently.

When editing plugins in the Inspector for an AM during playback WL, sometimes shift focus from Clip or Track tab to the Output tab. So while I am viewing/working in the Clip tab, suddenly WL automatically opens up Output tab instead.
In the Output effect rack I have Waves VU Meter and Waves WLM Meter for level monitoring.

  • Anyone know what is happening?

After som more digging (as ar as I can see) it seems that WL changes focus to the Output tab when the WLM Meter reaches the Short Term Max LUFS value in the settings, i.e. in some strange way Waves WLM Meter sends some kind of warning/signal which makes WL change tab focus.

  • Is this what happens?
  • Anyway I can stop this behaviour?


Is there any reason to not put these in the Playback Processing slots of the Master Section? I personally find that to be a better/safer place to insert meters and things that don’t need to be in the eventual audio rendering path.

You can even set the Master Section so those meters are always loaded when you open WaveLab so you don’t have to add or manage them per project.

Justin is right. Unless you have a very good reason, meter plugins should be put in the playback section of the Master Section.


Thanks for the replies.

Yes, I usually have the meters and other “monitor” plugins in the Master Section, but in this case (an old AM) I had the WLM in in the Playback section and just stumbled upon this strange behaviour and tried to figure out why!

But as the WLM also includes a limiter I sometimes also has it as the last safety limiter to match the correct LUFS level.

So no big deal, just curious again! :slight_smile:


It’s kind of hard to say more without more info. I just put WLM in a Montage Output section and played an entire loud song and the focus never changed from the Clip Effects part of the Inspector.


Thanks for trying this out Justin.
And as I said, no big deal but initially a little bit confusing.
Far below are my settings when having WLM on the Output rack.

And after some more testing it seems it only happens if I have both window for Clips/Tracks as well as window for Output is open and focus initially on Clip/Track.
It does not happen if Output window is closed (as far as I can see).

image - image

So with both windows open and focus/cursor on clip window, WL then changes focus to the Output window and tab when I raise the volume and cross LUFS warning level (short term LUFS turns red).
It works exactly in the same way as if you had done it manully by clicking on the Output plugin window.

A little bit strange.


I just was about to post something like this, because right now I use Inspector in Montage a lot and it jumps from focus on Clip to Output very often when going to the next clip - which is kind of annoying and behaves somewhat randomly - at least I din’t found a reason why this happens.
Is there a method to leave the focus of the Inspector permanently on Clip?

I found at least one condition the focus changed by itself: after deleting a clip the Inspector window changes the focus to Output from Clip.
That is not helpful, because for the next clip an extra click is necessary. When editing voice, like I do now, it adds up to hundreds of unnecessary clicks.
There should be a check box: “Stay in Focus” or alike.

What are your settings?