WL11 PRO - Audio Connections not remembering selected Audio Device when restarting

Thanks, but I don’t see the expected log trace.
Make sure you have selected (no typo)

Also, make sure these 3 buttons are blue:

Then let’s do a more complete sequence (assuming the diagnostics page is already set correctly)

  • launch WaveLab
  • go to the Audio Connection configs, set the stuff you need
  • quit WaveLab (don’t collect the log data yet)
  • launch WaveLab
  • start playback (must not work with the proper device, if I have followed you correctly)
  • go to the Audio Connection configs, set the stuff you need
  • close the page and start playback
  • Copy the log windows contents, and send it to me

Appreciate the help! I’ll try again soon once work eases up a bit.

I had a chance this morning before work to jump back into 11 and strangely enough, the correct interface was loaded and ready to go. Changing the settings appears to persist after closing/reopening as well.

I set full disk-access to WL11 last week but perhaps it took a reboot or two to take hold. I’m suspecting this has been a permissions issue all along but I’m certainly not a macOS expert :slight_smile: Appreciate all the help, and I seem to be good for now!

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