WL11 Pro: New multichannel/-track editing features?

I really like the new multichannel import features in WL 11, but what about editing multiple channels simultaneously in the montage, keeping all channels locked in time to each other? Are the any new features, e.g. by using sub tracks?
At first glance I couldn’t find anything new to WL10, but hopefully I’m wrong :slight_smile:

I’m using Reaper for multichannel editing for some years now, because it is super easy there. A track (and so any audio item = clip) can have an arbitrary number of channels. So regardless of what you are doing with an audio item (clip) all channels always stay in perfect sync.

Is there a way to get this in WL11 also now?


What kind of edit?
In WaveLab 11, you can now select over multiple tracks (eg. copy/paste, delete)

Also, there is new Sibling option:

Ah, yes Siblings is a nice new option, but there are two things I noticed:

  1. Say I have 6 clips over 6 tracks (made from 6 channel wav). Now I globally split all 6 clips at the same position. When moving one Sibling group over the other only some tracks are automatically crossfaded. It is reproducible, but which tracks are crossfaded seems to be erratic. Any idea?

EDIT: The crossfade behaviour is very strange. When there is a cross track time selection on the clips that are moved, then other tracks are crossfaded. Moving the sibling group back and forth, sometimes not all crossfades are restored to 0 fade time length. One time WL even crashed after moving a sibling group back and forth many times…
EDIT 2: I was able reproduce the crash: Move a sibling group, but do not release the mouse button and press ‘ctrl’+‘x’ (cut, I’m Windows 10). WL11 just disappears.

  1. Is there any way to keep the siblings selected, e.g. to apply fades or so to the whole sibling group?
    EDIT: Ok, a workaround is to group (by shortcut) the clips of the sibling group when they are selected for movement :slight_smile:


You need to activate the following option to perform xfade over several tracks. However, while testing, I found that this does work across lanes, and I have to fix this.

Thanks for your quick reply Philippe, but I have had this option activated already, though it does not work.
Have you been able to reproduce the crash? It crashes every time on two systems I tried on.

Generally, it would be very handy, to have a way to keep all clips of a sibling group selected, to manipulate them in total!

Thanks again,

You can maybe use the old group functionality for this.

I did not try yet. I will for sure.

You can maybe use the old group functionality for this.

Yes this works, as long as I can group the siblings while moving. I hope you will not block key shortcuts during moving sibling groups to fix the crash :smiley:

What would be a good reason to use the cut function while moving a clip?

While moving is the only situation all siblings (members of a sibling group) are selected, so I can cut them out for deletion or put them to another location on the timeline. Just Drag and drop is not so handy to me within a complex montage.

At the moment I select all siblings by “dummy moving” them and simultainiously group them by a key shortcut as a workaroung. Works nicely, but could be easier of course :slight_smile:

The sibling feature really is a brilliant idea that is worth an upgrade in functionality!
EDIT: Like, right mouse click → select all siblings of this clip

I have worked on the case and had to disable the shortcut while you move the clips, to prevent the crash… but the good news is that I have added a feature that allows achieving your original intent:

If the Sibling option is active:

  • double-clicking at the bottom of a clip, selects all its siblings, if any.
  • If all siblings are already selected, then only the double-clicked clip gets selected

This is really a perfect solution and also gives the ability to globally change the fades or other things of a sibling group. I can’t wait to try :slight_smile:
Thanks so much, WL11 is great!!!