WL11 steals focus when render complete

I’ve been using WL11 Pro on my new MacBook Pro 16" running Monterey without problems since overcoming my initial crashes to desktop on launch.

One annoyance that I didn’t have with WL10 is that when a file finishes rendering, the Mac snaps back to the WL11 window.

The result is that when processing files for a montage, say Regions ➤ CD Tracks, I can’t do anything else with the computer because it repeatedly snaps back to WaveLab.

I’ve scoured the preferences menus but maybe I missed something?


p.s. I was hoping this new MacBook Pro would be faster than my 2017 iMac, but I guess it won’t be until it’s off Rosetta.

Do you still want the rendered files to open in WaveLab, just not steal the focus? Or would you prefer if the rendered files didn’t open at all?

I’d prefer them not opening at all. That’s how it was for me on WL10.

Thanks Justin!

Ah. When you render the files, make sure this setting is turned off in the Redner Options:

Ah, 'tis a beautiful thing. Thank you!

Starting with version 9.5 I believe, “Render Presets” were added which makes it easy to store ALL the settings you can find in the entire Render Tab which makes it easy for this to be set within one of as many Render Presets you’d like to save so your preferred settings can be loaded in one command.

Nice! WaveLab is way more powerful than I need it to be. In a good way. :smile: