WL11 stopped launching

I have been running WL11.02 on Windows10 for a couple of years, no issues.
Yesterday WL11 just would not launch. Made sure Windows was up to date, the usual stuff. Repaired my eLiscenser USB dongle as well. No Luck.

So I decided to upgrade to Windows 11 and WL11.2. Updated my chip drivers, and transfered my liscense from the USB dongle to the new Steinberg Activation Manager successfully.
Now when I launch 11.2, I get the WL splash window and a little message says “Licenses Valid”, but then it immediately quits. Tried downgrading back to 11.02 and it won’t launch either. For some reason WL9.5 does launch, but that is no help because I need to open recent 11 montages.

I’ve been at this for two days now. Any input would be welcome. Thanks :slight_smile:

AMD Ryzen 7 5700G with Radeon Graphics, 64GB ram
Windows 11Pro 22H2

Did you installed Radeon software? Which display driver is Windows using?


Device Manager reports AMD Radeon Graphics Driver Date: 5/23/2023, Version 31.0.14057.5006

I just installed this morning. So the older version from 2009 and this new 2023 have the same result.

This is understandably frustrating given you have the ‘licenses valid’ splash.

Are you running the system with the old e-licenser dongle plugged in (I ask this because you mentioned 9.5). If so, remove that, re-boot and see if WL moves on from the initial ‘licenses valid’ splash.

Is this computer connected to the internet? If not, I would suggest temporarily connecting it to get the license thing happening. I mention this because on my system (and I personally know a few others) WL was essentially doing a kind of dongle call for a couple of times before connection was no longer required.

I trashed some of the app roaming preferences and this has solved the problem.


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