WL12: Cannot change language

when I try to change the language from German to English in the Global Settings menu it is always reset to German after restart. A bug? OS is Windows 10.

Btw, switching off the splash screen doesn’t work either. All user share the same settings.

EDIT: It works when I use Wavelab with elevated user privileges, so it seems like the installer has not set the access rights correctly.


By default, you don’t need elevated user privileges (“Independent for Each User”).
But if you chose “Common for All Users”, then you need them.

Yes, you are right, I never used the independent users setting, so maybe I had this problem with earlier versions too, but forgot about it.
I corrected the user right setting of the WL settings folder and now everything works like expected.


What about an error message, if a settings file cannot be changed/saved?
Would have saved me quite some time trouble shooting :smile:

Might not be so obvious that Common Settings require elevated rights, as it depends on the path where the settings are stored.


you are right, somehow the user should be notified.