WL12: couple of plug-in bugs

maybe these sorts of issues are up to the specific plug in developers… but i’ve noticed two issues so far in WL12

  1. Sonnox Infaltor no longer shows up in the plug in list. it’s installed… their Dynamic EQ and Dynamics plug in show up in WL and work fine. for some reason Inflator doesn’t. works fine in WL 11

2.UAD plug in GUIs getting cut off at top (see screenshots below)

2017 iMac (i know, old) running Monterey 12.6.6

FWIW, Inflator is working here on Mac. You may want to try manually deleting the VST3 (or VST2 if you’re still using that version) file for that plugin and re-installing the plugin.

Another thing that can help is to delete the plugin-registry.txt file in your Preferences/Cache folder and for any Apple Silicon users reading this, I believe the plugin-registry-arm.txt file is the one you’re looking for.

Deleting this file will cause a full plug-in rescan so be prepared to wait for that. I found this to work better than the option to force a rescan in the Preferences area.

I haven’t used my UAD-2 card in a few years now but the newer UADx/UA Spark versions are looking good in WaveLab so far:

thanks, justin

WL did the full plug scan when i first launched it. do you think forcing that scan again will fix the UAD? even tho that scan is only a week+ old?

i’ll try reinstalling Inflator, if i can dig up my authorization info! had that one for a while now… still a great plug!

I don’t think a hard plugin rescan will help the UAD graphics issue. I’d check my UAD-2 plugins here but I didn’t even install my UAD-2 card in my new Mac last year. I’m waiting for the UADx/UA Spark to cover more of the “good” plugins before using UA again. I can’t justify being bound do a UAD-2 card or satellite anymore, with slower rendering speeds too.

Anyway, if you’re not able to get Inflator to appear in WaveLab 12, I would try those two things I mentioned:

  1. Manually delete the VST3 (or VST2 if using that) file from your plugins folder and reinstall the plugin.

  2. If still not appearing, try deleting that plugin registry file in the cache folder and do a full complete hard rescan which I’ve found to be more powerful than the rescan option in the Preferences…especially back when plugins were going from Intel-Only to M1 native. I had to do that for a few plugins.

Inflator is in use daily here in WaveLab 12.

Make sure you are using the latest version.
There were some updates that fixed graphical issues.

Interesting. FWIW, last I checked UA doesn’t list WaveLab as an officially supported host for their plugins but that said, I’ve found them to work well when I use them in WaveLab.

That said, I stopped using them when it seemed like there was no VST3 version going to happen but now, I am waiting for the UADx/UA Spark versions because while I do have an octo card and quad satellite, I don’t want to rely on having one with me should I need to use my mobile set up.

UAD V11 introduced VST3 support for the UAD platform.

Yes. About 7 years too late. I’m holding out for more of the useful mastering plugins to be available as UADx/UA Spark to start using them again as I personally don’t think being tied to the hardware and suffering the slower rendering times is worth it in 2024.

That said, they still don’t list WaveLab as a supported host anymore either.

Anyway, getting off-topic here but from what I can see in the UADx/UA Spark versions, the GUI looks OK. I can’t speak for the old UAD-2 versions anymore and now we need to know if users are referring to the VST2 or VST3 versions.

I checked it with Wavelab 12 and UAD V11 on Windows. Everything looks good.
That’s why I mentioned the updates.

works fine on M1 Silicon Macs / Sonoma 14.3